The girl in the place with the brick dick.

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for about two years now. I’d binge read new blogs, get all excited to start one and then never follow through. The prospect of starting this kind of project seemed overwhelming. It seemed too big for me to ever start, let alone something I could stick with. So I stuck to reading other people’s blogs. I followed them religiously, I looked up endless posts about desk organization projects and I fell in love with more desks than I could fit in my apartment three times over.

One day at work, while talking to one of my friends, I was telling her about how I had been thinking about starting a blog. When she actually encourage me to do it, I thought about it even more before finally taking the plunge and creating an account. This is the result of that.

Fair warning that I have no idea what I’m doing. As it is, this post has taken me a week to write because I’ve never been good at introductions, and it mostly isn’t even about introducing me.

I have a faint plan for what I want this blog to be and as the title says, it’s going to heavily feature a lot of books and college times. I have a ton of ideas for posts. I’m new at this though, so I’m going to make mistakes. I’m just learning as I’m going, hoping that someone somewhere will read this.

So until next time when I actually do an introduction, later guys,

Megan Nicole.


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